VIDEOS: Church Militant’s Michael Voris vs. Word on Fire’s Father Robert Barron

Just when we thought everything that needed to be talked about in regards to this past Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome was spoken about – you know that we were not going to let you go without showing videos of two devout Catholic people who spent time in Rome for the Synod and had a lot to say about the goings-on there.

I am speaking about non other than Church Militant’s fiery and outspoken leader, Michael Voris and Catholicism Series’s soft-spoken Father Robert Barron. Two completely different upbringings, education, personalities and attitudes. One is a fiery 53 year old lay person. The other, a calm and cool 55 year old Catholic priest. They both love the Holy Catholic Church. They both fight for Her 24/7. They both spend their lifetime immersed in the Catholic Church teachings. And, they both see things a bit differently and certainly have different approaches in trying to reach their audiences. I like them both. Most people don’t. They either love or hate Voris. Most people like Father Barron. Few dislike him…

The reason I like them both is because I learn a great deal from both of them. They are both full of vast knowledge.

Being the “Year of Boldness” this year – Michael Voris inspires me to be even bolder about my faith. His videos are powerful, down-right gut-shaking – and he always speaks about the Truth. That is the reason I admire him so much. Hands down, he would win our “Bold Lay person of the Year Award”.

Nobody comes close…maybe “Battle Ready’s” passionate Doug Barry. Voris tells it like it is – and he surely loves to tell it all! And, there are many who are reading this piece who watch Voris’ Church Militant videos but dare to share them with others or let alone write an e-mail about them. That is because they are afraid – afraid to hear what others think when they say that “Voris is way over the top”. And, that includes countless clergy, who are intimidated by Voris’ merciless attack on some of the church leaders who are straying off the narrow path.

Ask Cardinal Kasper (“Kasper the Friendly Liar”). Voris just just bar-b-qued him this morning for thinking he is superior to the bishops and cardinals from Africa. Yes, the radical Voris makes you look at yourself in the mirror. Makes you question yourself. Makes you question your pastor; your Bishop; your Diocese; your own faith. He bluntly tells it like it is – and HE BACKS IT ALL UP WITH FACTS!!!

VIDEO: Michael Voris on Secular Media Activists

VIDEO: Frier Robert Barron “The messy synod on the family”:


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