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Hope all is well “3 Days After the Illegal Executive Action by Emperor Obama” as this continues to be the talk of the country, as never in our nation’s 238 year existence – have we ever seen a more defiant, arrogant, selfish and careless President as we have with the unconstitutional, dictator wanna-be, Barack Obama. Beyond comprehension how the United States of America – the world’s greatest democracy – the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” – can actually allow one person (a Muslim socialist who was probably not even born in our country) – defy our Constitution of the United States – and “do it alone” – without regard for the 317 million Americans in this country.

And, I don’t even want to focus on this controversial Immigration issue, only. I am talking about everything Obama has done in his tumultuous 6 years in which he has “over-powered” our country. This Executive Action that he pulled this week with the Illegal Immigrants in the United States is the straw that broke the devout citizens of this country’s back. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Independent, etc. – it does not matter! The President of the United States over-stepped his boundaries – defied the laws and Constitution of the United States – and like he did with his Obamacare fiasco – he defiantly continues to strong-arm its citizens – and get away with murder…and, I won’t even go there right now – in terms of the millions of murders he has promoted in our country through his funding and support of the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood…another story, another tragedy.

So, how much longer is this socialist, dictator wanna-be going to get away with all of this??? As long as the American citizens of this country do not stand up to him and say “Enough is enough”. You would figure that after the wholesome Republican Party slapped the liberal Democratic Party silly in the November 4th elections, that Obama, as a “Lame Duck” President, would throw in the towel, concede defeat, and be willing to work with the new Senate & House of Reps. You would think that Obama would show some type of class and good sportsmanship by congratulating the Republican Party and be willing to work with the new Congress in January, during his last two years in office. But, NO! Obama has decided to disrespect the Republican Party; defy Congress and the Constitution of the United States; disregard the entire Nation; pretend that he cares about the “stuck-in-the-middle” Illegal Immigrants; and do this thing alone, on his own – even with some of his own Democratic Party instructing him not to.

And, friends, the biggest disappointment and ultimate slap in the face to all Pro-Life, Christian-based citizens of this country is when Emperor Obama tried to quote Holy Scripture during his 15 minute speech on television this past Thursday. An oxymoron to the nth degree. You knew that this entire Executive Action Fiasco was a farce when NONE of the TV stations would carry his speech – NO ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. That should tell you something, in itself…

To be frank with you, Obama’s speech was very well-written and quite moving. I honestly wished I could have written it. It had some serious substance to it and it was quite emotional…But, it was NOT written by Obama – it was just falsely delivered by him. And, when an atheist, Pro-Abortion, socialist delivers a bogus speech like that and tries to talk about compassion, care, being your brother’s keeper, and quotes Holy Scripture towards a group of humans who he could not care less about – you have to question the president’s motives. You have to scratch your head and listen with utter disgust. Was there a ventriloquist in the White House that night? It was all about Politics – about manipulating people in order to get votes. And, if you have any type of morals and religious beliefs, you knew that this speech was well-rehearsed, well-timed and had some type of hidden agenda behind it. We all know that. Let’s get real, folks:

Hearing Obama quote Scripture during a national speech is equivalent to watching Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, recite the Nicene Creed… Or maybe listening to Hitler explain how sacred Yom Kippur is.

You get what I am talking about. Too bad that Obama doesn’t. It’s all about him and all about getting his way. He has for six years. And, this is not what our beloved Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution of the United States and signed the Declaration of Independence. Just like our good friends from CATHOLICVOTE.ORG, who put this terrific e-mail together for us, I agree with them wholeheartedly – “We support Immigration Reform – but, we strongly oppose Obama’s Executive Action that he has taken”…And, that is the focus and point of my message today. Please read this e-mail, watch the short video to see how Obama’s speech 3 years ago defies everything he has done with this Executive Action this week, and check out the Comments written by concerned and upset American citizens (including myself), as I had to put my two cents worth in. We all have to…

Friends: This is our country. We all have to do our part; stand strongly “Two-Gether” as One Nation under GOD – and do the best we can in rallying everybody to work as a TEAM. We are the Greatest country in the world – but, when we allow a selfish, defiant President to “do it on his own” and make our nation appear like a Third World Country, like Obama has time and again – it takes us back 10 steps, 50 years. We all know that our Immigration System is beyond broken. We all know that we have to secure our chaotic borders. We all know that we have to be compassionate and loving to all people in this country. We all know that we have to welcome all people who are willing to give up their lives in order to live in this country – but…


We support immigration reform by

But strongly oppose President Obama’s executive action announced last night.

That’s because the legislative process and our system of government matter. Presidents don’t dictate policy. If we accept that President Obama, or any future President, may selectively enforce laws based on his or her political preferences (even policies we agree with) — our nation is in trouble.

Consider a few things following the President’s announcement last night:

As we predicted, the President’s move has fanned anti-immigrant flames. His temporary solution is not reform, is an insult to Congress, and has made real reform even more difficult.
Opposing this power grab doesn’t mean we support the status quo. CV supports immigration reform. Just not this way.

Legal scholars on both left and right agree this action is constitutionally dubious. Even President Obama admitted in March 2011 that this action was unconstitutional. You can watch the video here:

Americans are divided over how to best solve this issue. Some want to deport anyone here illegally. Others want to grant blanket amnesty. In our opinion, both of these answers are wrong.

As Catholics, we are called to respect the dignity of every human person – to welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, defend the unborn. This does not mean we are obligated to grant legal status or citizenship to anyone and everyone. But it does mean, it seems, that we must work to treat those that wish to come to America with dignity and respect — and to offer them a legal process that is fair, just, and orderly.

That said, the situation on our borders and in our immigration system is anything but dignified right now. Children are being led by criminals across the border, families are being torn apart, and gang and drug violence is rampant. It’s disgusting and it’s unsustainable.

Republicans must show real leadership and respond.

We expect to see a border security bill move through the Senate or House fairly quickly. This is a critical and necessary first step. But it is not enough. A real solution to the millions of illegal immigrants living and working in America must be addressed.

Republicans must respond firmly – but also calmly. Opponents of this power grab must explain why it is both lawless and reckless without resorting to equally reckless attacks on immigrants.

Members of Congress have the ability to slow down this action through the power of the purse. But defunding the President is not enough. Republicans should combine any response to curb the President’s power with reform proposals of their own.

America can be a welcoming country and still uphold its Constitution.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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