Exposing a Ruthless Abortionist at West Palm Hospital

Hope all is well as we are “5″ days away from the start of our Fall “40 Days for Life” – and from the looks of things that took place at our phenomenal Pro-Life Demonstration at West Palm/Columbia Hospital yesterday – we’ve got some incredible momentum going! We need to keep it going and we need to sign up as many Pro-Life Prayer Warriors this up-coming Sunday at the various parishes that are holding sign-ups as we can! We need to come strong this Fall, folks!! We need to take our fight against abortion to a level never seen in our diocese!

Well, “3″ hours can feel like an eternity…that is how long our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, hung on the cross for us. The most significant 3 hours in the history of mankind. The 3 hours that 20 of us devout Pro-Lifers spent on the corner of 45th Street & Congress yesterday, pales in comparison to His 3 hours. Yet, we accomplished everything that the “original” Pro-Lifer would ever want us to accomplish. We may have saved a few lives yesterday. Jesus gave up His so that we can live ours abundantly and eternally.

And, that is the mission of a dedicated Pro-Lifer: To sacrifice our lives a bit in the heat & elements so that others can have a mere chance to live their lives abundantly and eternally…or, just to even survive the bloody scalpel of an abortionist and take that first deep breath out of that precious womb.

What transpired in 3-hours yesterday down the street from the “House that Sacks Kills” (Presidential Women’s Center) – at West Palm/Columbia Hospital – was truly significant. Since this ruthless abortionist (1,300 abortions last year) makes a living and a killing on 45th Street (between West Palm/Columbia Hospital/St. Mary’s “Catholic” Hospital – where he has “full privileges” and delivers beautiful, healthy babies/and Presidential Women’s Center – where he kills those same innocent babies) – our doctor’s visit to this hospital was critical and served to get the undivided attention of the entire community, the 4 medical buildings in the that same corner – and, most importantly – it exposed an OBGYN as an abortionist in front of his countless colleagues and peers…Mission accomplished…but, so much more to do.

Next stop: Daniel Sacks‘ gated-community home on Jog Road…I will keep you posted when we are going to make this much-needed visit to this gutless abortionist’s house…Halloween in early October…Trick or treat, Danny Boy.

Friends: The best thing that happened at our Demonstration yesterday was that the hospital’s Administrative Assistant came out to see us at around 11:00 am. That’s always a good sign. And, good that he came out after the security guard had come out right before to try to trick us into leaving by telling us that “Dr. Sacks no longer has privileges at this hospital”…That worked for about 3 seconds…We veteran Pro-Lifers happen to know better.

The administrative assistant assured us that Dr. Sacks still has “full privileges” at their hospital; still delivers babies there; and also works with unique health insurance cases. He told us that Sacks does not have an office there but spends a good amount of time at the hospital. And, he also mentioned that he also works out of nearby St. Mary’s and told me that he knew the CEO at St. Mary’s quite well. I told him that I am meeting with David Carbone at the end of September, so you know they will be talking today. And, he also reassured us that we got everybody’s undivided attention in the hospital as well as the 3 other medical buildings, of which house Dr. Sacks’ medical colleagues and peers – including the two OBGYN nurses who came out to see us and could not believe what they saw.

When the two curious nurses read John Regan’s large sign that says: DAN SACKS KILLS UNBORN BABIES!!

They immediately asked “Do you mean Daniel Sacks, the OBGYN? You mean to tell us that Daniel Sacks is an abortionist? He works with us. We did not know that he was performing abortions”….

And, folks, there you have it. When those two nurses went back into to the hospital to deliver precious, healthy babies in their delivery rooms, you know what they were thinking while they helped deliver GOD’s little creations the rest of the afternoon…How in GOD’s name can an OBGYN deliver babies with us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – and kill them on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

And, we all know that those two nurses talked to all the other nurses, then to all of Sacks’ colleagues and doctors, and then to the hospital administrators…And, that is why Patrick, the administrative assistant, came out to see us. He knows that we will be back and now, he needs to protect his hospital…

And, that, my friends, is how we as a TEAM working “Two-Gether”, rid our beloved Diocese of Palm Beach of unethical and evil abortionists who can kill an innocent baby as easy as delivering one…And, we, as a TEAM, need to continue to pray for Daniel Sacks and “deliver him from evil”.

And, that is why we run “40 Days for Life” twice a year and why standing out in the hot sun for “3″ hours with thousands of cars and trucks honking their horns and giving us all sorts of fingers – good ones, bad ones – pales in comparison to the “3″ hours that Jesus hung on the cross for us. He saved the entire world. The least we can do is to save His precious babies…one baby at a time.

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