Dealing with an Abortionist and a Catholic Hospital that takes pride in delivering beautiful babies

Hope all is well on this “Feast Day of St. Jerome” – prolific priest and doctor of the Church, as we bring you an up-date on our situation with the abortionist, Dr. Daniel Sacks, St. Mary’s Hospital and National Radio Maria Talk Show this coming Friday, October 3rd, at 12:00 (Noon).

Friends: My meeting at St. Mary’s Hospital yesterday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. (Divine Mercy Hour), went better than expected. Thank you for your prayers. In 55 minutes we covered a lot of ground as it was a humbling honor to meet with hospital CEO, David Carbone, Community Relations Director, Don Chester, Hospital Chaplain, Father Adan, and Board of Directors member, Father Mario Castaneda (Pastor at St. John Fisher & a very close friend of mine). It was a prayerful, passionate and productive meeting where I had to do most of the talking…and, most of the educating.

Educating Mr. Carbone and Mr. Chester about the abortion industry, about what we do here in our beloved diocese with our Pro-Life movement & P.B.C. Right to Life League; “40 Days for Life”; and how Planned Parenthood has wreaked havoc on our beloved unborn for almost 100 years…and, how this ruthless abortionist, Daniel Sacks, has been actively pursuing his murderous ways to the tune of 1,300 innocent babies last year, alone. All this was new to them. They had no idea who Margaret Sanger was. Who Lila Rose is. They had no idea who Dr. Daniel Sacks was. As a matter of fact, Mr. Carbone confessed that he has only seen Dr. Sacks two times in the 10 years that he has had “full privileges” at this Catholic hospital and Father Adan, the Chaplain, confessed that in his 10 years, he has never seen or heard of Dr. Sacks. All 4 gentlemen confessed that they “had no idea that this OBGYN doctor was also an abortionist”.

Let’s think about that for a moment – an abortionist with “full privileges” at a Catholic hospital for 10 years – and nobody in the hospital knew a thing about him. What if this abortionist was a terrorist? Or a ruthless member of the KKK? Or a member of any militant group from the other side of the globe who has been planning an attack on this hospital? In due respect to this wonderful hospital – don’t you think we need to do a better job in background checks, screening, etc. of our physicians and hospital personnel? And, that goes for ABORTIONISTS. I consider all abortionists terrorists and ruthless members of the Devil’s Party. They do a lot more damage to our country, our church, our families and our society than all those militant and radical groups from the Middle East, put together.

In the well-written letter that Mr. Carbone sent out to me and the others who wrote to him, he clearly stated that it was a “legality” thing – a Florida state law that he could not remove Dr. Sacks from his staff – as Dr. Sacks would have grounds for a nasty law suit. On the same note – if St. Mary’s claims to be a “devout Catholic hospital that follows the Catholic Church teachings – why don’t they have a “Code of Ethics” clause or statement in their hospital policies when hiring doctors, physicians and other professionals? A clause that clearly states the following:


If St. Mary’s Hospital, as well as all Catholic hospitals around the country, would have a clause in their hospital hiring policies like the one I just outlined above, I honestly think we could avoid ever having this problem again. If you put this statement out “before” you hire your doctors, and they read it clearly – then you have no problem. What do you do in the case of abortionist, Dr. Daniel Sacks, who has already been on staff for 10 years? Is it too late to have him even take a look at this statement once he already has had full privileges for so long? Is the horse out of the barn already – or is there any way to tame this wild bronco and have him conform to hospital guidelines, and quit doing abortions outside of the hospital?

So, like I told all 4 men at this very critical meeting – and like I say in so many of my e-mails: We are all in this “Two-gether – us and Jesus.

…And, that is the only way that we are going to deal with this quite serious situation. We need prayer; we need conversion. We need a miracle. And, the reason that I called for this meeting was to do exactly what I accomplished yesterday – make St. Mary’s Hospital administration and CEO aware of this very “oxymoron” situation that they are faced with. It is not a pleasant one and even Mr. Carbone, who was nothing but a very supportive voice at this meeting, knows that he is in a precarious situation. But, we all know that it is a situation that needs to be dealt with – and the sooner, the better…There is a baby aborted every 26 seconds in this country…

So, it is time for the “thinking caps” and rosaries to come out once again. It is time to give this situation some serious thought and time to come up with a serious solution. For the countless people who wrote a letter to Mr. Carbone last month – Thank You! He thanks you! Those letters worked, as he responded to each and every one of us who wrote him. We got the entire hospitals’ attention. And, I told him that his response letter was very well written as he attested that they put a lot of time, effort and thinking into that letter. It was the very first time that he has ever had to write a letter to Pro-Lifers like that in his stellar career! Mr. David Carbone was a class act yesterday and I appreciate his willingness to listen to what I had to bring to that huge Board of Directors table. On the other hand, my heart and prayers go out to all those ladies who wrote to this CEO, stating that “you had your 2 or 3 babies delivered at this beautiful hospital – and now, you learned that there is a practicing abortionist on their staff”…what a contradiction…what a dilemma…

And, Mr. Carbone is very well aware of that. Being a hospital in existence for 76 years and priding itself for their spectacular maternity ward and baby delivering operation, he knows that this is not the situation he ever wanted to be in. It eats at him. He wants this problem to go away as much as you and I do. So, he did approach the abortionist, Daniel Sacks, a few weeks ago and “politely” brought up to his attention the idea of maybe retiring from the abortion industry. According to Mr. Carbone, Dr. Sacks appeared to be more than content in what he is doing and seemed to be adamant in continuing in the very lucrative abortion business. That hurts us all, as my prayer from Day I has been that Dr. Sacks may have said, “Yes, I have thought about it for a while and maybe it is time to get out of this business”…That is what we are all praying for – Conversion of Dr. Sacks by walking away from the abortion industry…Let us pray…

Prayer is powerful as I asked the fiery and charismatic Father Mario Castaneda to open up the meeting with a passionate prayer. He delivered…and, he also said that every single meeting that he has ever attended as a member of the Board of Directors at St. Mary’s has always been a very positive meeting – always talking about “life” – delivering babies, saving lives, curing the injured, growing the hospital, etc. Father Adan agreed. And, I said that it was fine and dandy – but, now, we bring a different element into this picture which blurs this snapshot a bit…death…as in abortion – the opposite of delivering a healthy, newborn baby and hearing the excited doctor yell out “It’s a boy!”…How do we deal with this new element and how do we move forward in a prayerful and positive direction?

Friends: As One Body in Christ, I sincerely ask that we take this entire situation to PRAYER. Pray for the conversion of the abortionist, Daniel Sacks. Pray for the administration and CEO at St. Mary’s Hospital to come up with a prayerful and positive solution to this issue. Pray for us Pro-Lifers – including myself and the P.B.C. Right to Life League – who are taking the bold lead on this situation, as we are here to work “Two-Gether” with this wonderful Catholic hospital to come up with a good solution – a GOD solution…With Him, all things are possible. Because of Him, we have all had the opportunity to experience the beautiful gift of life…Let us pray.

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