The Stark Contrast Between Two People’s Views on the Communist Cuba / Castro Controversy with Obama

Hope all is well as I trust that everybody had a Blessed & Beautiful Christmas Holy Day…It’s not a Holiday – it’s a “Holy Day”…Along with the Day of the Resurrection, Christmas Day is the most significant day in our calendar year, as if it were not for these two days, I would not be writing this piece; we would not have eternal life…and Barack Obama would be the last thing on my mind… Read More

The Catholic Clash in the Big Apple: Priests for Life vs. Cardinal Dolan

Hope all is well as we are “6″ days away from the “The Most Significant Birthday Party in the World”…Yes, that little baby humbly born in a manger over 2,000 years ago changed the entire world – this one and the next one…

And, speaking of babies – let’s take a good, close look at what’s happening in the “City that never Sleeps” – New York. I said “never sleeps” – not “never sleeps around” – because with the abortion rate in the Big Apple the way it is today – somebody is doing some serious sleeping around… Read More

More on Emperor Obama’s Immigration Over-Step — Watch this Video

Hope all is well “3 Days After the Illegal Executive Action by Emperor Obama” as this continues to be the talk of the country, as never in our nation’s 238 year existence – have we ever seen a more defiant, arrogant, selfish and careless President as we have with the unconstitutional, dictator wanna-be, Barack Obama. Beyond comprehension how the United States of America – the world’s greatest democracy – the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” – can actually allow one person (a Muslim socialist who was probably not even born in our country) – defy our Constitution of the United States – and “do it alone” – without regard for the 317 million Americans in this country. Read More

VIDEOS: Church Militant’s Michael Voris vs. Word on Fire’s Father Robert Barron

Just when we thought everything that needed to be talked about in regards to this past Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome was spoken about – you know that we were not going to let you go without showing videos of two devout Catholic people who spent time in Rome for the Synod and had a lot to say about the goings-on there. Read More

Do NOT make the call until you see the entire play!

Hope all is well on this gorgeous “Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Antioch” – bold Bishop & Martyr – as we take another look at a very good article on the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops that will be coming to a close on Sunday, October 19th. Yes, it got off to a rough start – only because certain things leaked out of the Vatican that were not supposed to – and the liberal media had a field day with it. Read More