The Stark Contrast Between Two People’s Views on the Communist Cuba / Castro Controversy with Obama

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The Catholic Clash in the Big Apple: Priests for Life vs. Cardinal Dolan

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More on Emperor Obama’s Immigration Over-Step — Watch this Video

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VIDEOS: Church Militant’s Michael Voris vs. Word on Fire’s Father Robert Barron

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Do NOT make the call until you see the entire play!

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A Miracle from GOD: We Saved a Baby at 45th Street yesterday during our “America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally”

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Dealing with an Abortionist and a Catholic Hospital that takes pride in delivering beautiful babies

Hope all is well on this “Feast Day of St. Jerome” – prolific priest and doctor of the Church, as we bring you an up-date on our situation with the abortionist, Dr. Daniel Sacks, St. Mary’s Hospital and… Read More

Please watch this 11 Minute Video from Senator Ted Cruz –Then, Imagine our Country being run by these Christian Principles

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Who is Pope Francis? Perhaps his ‘Transformation on 9/21/53′ may help us understand him better?

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Exposing a Ruthless Abortionist at West Palm Hospital

Hope all is well as we are “5″ days away from the start of our Fall “40 Days for Life” – and from the looks of things that took place at our phenomenal Pro-Life Demonstration at West Palm/Columbia… Read More