Protecting the Unborn

Protecting the Unborn is probably the biggest priority on our list of importance with Christian on a Mission, as everything in life begins with life…And, if we do not become bolder and more aggressive in our Pro-Life movement in our country – specifically in our Diocese of Palm Beach – we will be allowing the abortionists and evil places like Planned Parenthood have the upper hand and we will be fighting an even more of an uphill battle. It is time we step it up right now.

Serving as the President for the Palm Beach County Right to Life League, my immediate goal is to bring our fight against the atrocities of abortion to a level never seen in the Diocese of Palm Beach. For too many years, numerous Pro-Lifers were rather content in just praying the rosary in front of abortion clinics and joining the Bishop once a year for the “Roe v. Wade Anniversary Prayer Rallies” in late January. That is all fine and dandy and we will continue to do that – but, we truly need to get bolder and way more aggressive in coming after the abortionists in our diocese who are wreaking havoc to the tune of 5,808 abortions in Palm Beach County, alone in 2013. Learn More

The Stark Contrast Between Two People’s Views on the Communist Cuba / Castro Controversy with Obama

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The Catholic Clash in the Big Apple: Priests for Life vs. Cardinal Dolan

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More on Emperor Obama’s Immigration Over-Step — Watch this Video

Hope all is well “3 Days After the Illegal Executive Action by Emperor Obama” as this continues to be the talk of the country, as never in our nation’s 238 year existence – have we ever seen a… Read More

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